The prime objective of the college is to provide quality pedagogical education to the prospective teachers. It aims at producing intelligent, morally upright, emotionally matured and spiritually elevated teachers.

The college offers student services such as orientation, value education, guidance & counseling and remedial service to the needy.

Seminars and guest lectures are organized periodically to equip the prospective teachers with the latest development in all spheres of education.

Salient features
  • English language lab for importing and improving communication skills in English.

  • Video-graphed Micro-teaching practice facilities to improve teaching skills of the students.

  • Well equipped Educational Psychology lab with wide collection of Research tools.

  • Computerized Research library with wide collection of reference books, National, International level Research Journals and Magazines with photocopying and bar coding facilities.

  • The Computer lab has sophisticated internal facility with web connectivity which has been incessantly used.

  • A Bi-annual Educational Research Journal with ISSN No.09754008 is being published.

  • A.L.M. training for our students.

  • Leadership Training and Personality Development Programme.

  • Placement cell for recruiting teachers in various educational institutions.

  • Offer yoga training, physical and sports activities.

  • Well equipped laboratory in Physical Science, Biological Science, Technology, Psychology, Language Lab and Computer Education.

  • Student services such as Orientation, Value Education, Guidance and Counseling and Remedial services are provided.

  • Seminars and Guest Lectures are organized periodically to equip the future teachers with the latest developments in all spheres of education.


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